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Learn How To Reuse

Repurpose, Repair, Donate

Reduce waste by giving items a new life


Residents are encouraged to donate unwanted, gently-used items. Reusing is better than recycling because it saves energy and reduces waste and pollution.

There are dozens of charity organizations in Allen County that can reuse your items and benefit the community. Be sure to call the business or organization for more details prior to dropping off a donation. 

One way to reuse is to repair items you have.

Products you might want to repair include:

Shoes: cobblers can extend the life of your soles.

Clothing: tailors will fix your favorite clothes like new.

Electronics: many phones, computers, and gadgets can be refurbished.

Furniture: recovery shops can change the look of furniture and undo damage.

Where to Repair

Learn to fix your items with expert help and the right tools at the following locations:

Build Guild, 1025 Goshen Ave., Fort Wayne, 260-341-3406, thebuildguild.org

TekVenture, 1550 Griffin St., Fort Wayne, 260-409-7328, tekventure.org

For businesses: check out Planet Reuse

Learn to repair your own items:

Related FAQs

Where can I donate items I no longer want?

Many clothing, shoes, and other household items can be donated to a variety of agencies. There is an alternative to throwing away almost everything. Post for free/sale online, give to a local charity, or call us to let us help you with the details.

(260) 449-7878

Where can I get items repaired to give them a new life? 

Tailors, cobblers, and electronics stores are able to fix many things to save them from the landfill. You can also borrow tools and get assistance fixing your own items in some locations.

See our listings.