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Education is a core value at ACDEM.

Allen County residents can receive a variety of free educational resources for their home, school, organization, or business. 

For Businesses
Introducing circular economic principles into your business will help you meet the triple bottom line: for people, planet, and profit. Our experienced staff can help your business evaluate your long-term sustainability goals and provide tools and resources to help you and your team move forward. Learn more
For Organizations
Clubs, neighborhoods, nonprofits, churches, and other networks of people working together can make a big difference in reducing waste locally and conserving natural resources. Check out the various programs available to organizations in Allen County that can support your waste management needs. Learn more
For Residents
Recycling can be complicated and we want to change that. Knowing what can and cannot be recycled locally is important to keeping the recycling stream clean, and as a result, keeping valuable products from being wasted in the landfill. Checkout the waste management resources available to residents living Allen County. Learn more
For Schools
The most important part of our work is education. We are passionate about educating students, parents, and teachers about waste reduction through our presentations, workshops, and activities. Our educational programs follow a science-based curriculum model that correlates with Indiana standards and prepare students for environmental stewardship in the 21st Century. Learn more