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Organic Waste and Composting

There are several options available to residents and businesses for proper disposal of yard waste, plant and tree trimmings, grass, and food scraps. 

Please note that it is illegal in Indiana to put yard waste into the trash for landfill disposal. Yard waste and other plant-based material like food scraps are a major source for the greenhouse gas methane when disposed of in the landfill. To avoid filling up limited landfill space and producing methane, it is best to compost these items when possible.

Related FAQs

What should I do with yard waste like grass, leaves, and brush?

Take yard waste to a compost site in Allen County. You might also consider starting your own compost bin to dispose of yard waste and food scraps.

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Looking for a composting location?

Compost your yard waste and food scraps at various locations in Allen County.

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