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Fluorescent Bulbs and LED Lamps Form

Fluorescent light bulbs contain the nerve toxin mercury, a silver-colored, shiny, liquid metal, that can be harmful to human health if inhaled or ingested. Businesses who need a place to recycle fluorescent bulbs properly must register with ACDEM first.

Please complete the registration form and list the bulb type and quantity of each. Once the form is received, ACDEM will send you a quote to the email provided on the registration form. Please ensure all information provided is correct.

We will arrange a time and location for your business to drop off bulbs (by appointment only) once your business has been verified by ACDEM. 

Your business will be invoiced once bulbs are processed at ACDEM's facility.

I agree to be invoiced and responsible for payment of mercury materials I have brought to the ACSWMD. This is a Quote. If in agreement to the charges quoted and guidelines, please sign and return.
1.) A total of 100 bulbs or less, per month will ONLY be accepted. This allowance meets both Indiana Solid Waste rule (329 IAC 3.1-16) and Federal Rule (40 CFR 273).
2.) Bulbs must be properly boxed in a shipping box and taped shut. Bulbs should be packaged as close to original packing as possible and be able to be carried by one person.
3.) If guidelines are not met, the ACSWMD has the right to refuse material.