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Diversion Credit Ordinance

What is the Diversion Credit Ordinance?

When you place recyclable items into a recycling bin, it has to go to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to be sorted and then transported and repackaged for sale to a company who will make it into a new product. In Allen County, recycling is handled by private businesses that try to make a profit like any other business.  

Values of recycling go up and down on the stock market. For example, paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and steel are all referred to as commodities; they are bought and sold at different prices. When recycled material is difficult to sell the effort to sort the material costs more than its value.

ACDEM pays recyclers a "credit" for the items that are performing poorly in the markets to encourage them to keep the material out of the landfill. Through this credit process, we support a circular economy where materials are reused continuously. 

Download the Diversion Credit Program Ordinance