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Learn About Composting

Compost your food scraps to reduce food waste and support soil health.  Learn to reduce wasted food and keep good food out of the landfill. 

Composting is the controlled decay of organic material (plant or animal-based) such as kitchen scraps, grass clippings, leaves, wood shavings, cardboard, and paper. Compostable material is also referred to as “biodegradable” material. Composting recycles nutrients into new soil and keeps materials out of the landfill. By composting, we can save valuable space and prevent the generation of powerful greenhouse gases like methane that contribute to climate change.

Businesses may compost on-site as long as a sturdy, washable container is used to prevent pests. Companies can save money and reduce their trash bill by composting! Contact ACDEM to learn how to get started.

How to Start a Compost Pile

The Lazy Way: Put anything that is biodegradable into a pile and wait.

The Quick Way:

Buy or build a container with air holes.

Layer “brown” material that contains carbon in a 2:1 ratio with “green” material that is nitrogen rich.

Avoid adding meat, bones, dairy, or fish to keep away pests.

Turn your pile frequently to accelerate the decomposition process.

Either way, you will eventually have a rich, natural fertilizer to place on your plants or garden. You may compost any way you like as long as you are respectful to your neighbors!

Why Reduce Food Waste?

40% of food in Indiana is thrown away while 1 million Hoosiers go hungry each year.

Businesses will earn $14 for every $1 spent on food waste reduction.

A family of four spends $1,500 per year on food that is not eaten.

Food in landfills is a leading source of methane gas pollution that contributes to climate change. Feed People, not landfills. Download the Food Rescue US app and sign up to donate, deliver, or receive excess food at www.foodrescue.us


Related FAQs

What should I do with yard waste like grass, leaves, and brush?

Take yard waste to a compost site in Allen County. You might also consider starting your own compost bin to dispose of yard waste and food scraps.

Find a location.